Just Tell ‘Em Barb Sent You

What is our relationship to a government that won't protect us?

Have You Checked the Children?

We can find the cause of American extremism only if we realize the calls for it are coming from inside the house.

Looking Backward, Looking Forward

What kinds of memorials do we make?

Say What?

Maybe the key to understanding is assuming you don't.

Bring Back the Circus

Let's never again see a show go down like this season of The Bachelor.

I’m Not Hiding in My Room…

Anybody else out there feeling like skirting around the public square and just going home, closing the curtains, and staying inside? Not just me? Much as I’ve tried to drag myself into it the last couple of seasons, I’m finally going to admit that I just don’t have it in me to do a weekly … Continue reading I’m Not Hiding in My Room…

Prayer Is Only Where You Start

The power of prayer is in helping you do the work.

I Am a Racist

"That other really racist guy" is not the standard to measure ourselves by.

Destination Unknown

What you get from the journey depends on how you see it.

The Strength of Sisters

My house is for sale, which means I've become a day laborer. Weeding, mowing, vacuuming, mopping, pruning, hauling...and my most significant accomplishment so far, removing a tree. Spring came and that pine just curled up its branches and said I cannot do this anymore. I mean, you can read the dying agonies there, can't you? … Continue reading The Strength of Sisters