“Tragedy and blessing. Leave them
alone long enough and it gets real hard
to tell them apart.”






“Smart, unsettling, and meticulously composed, Margo Catts’ debut novel affirms the power of narrative to redeem.”

~Lynn Stegner, winner of the Faulker Award,
author of Because a Fire Was in My Head

Margo Catts is the perfect guide to Leadville and to life, with a sharp eye for everyday details, a pitch-perfect ear for conversation, a sympathetic heart for her characters’ travails, and a sure foot along their unpredictable paths.”

~Brigid Pasulka, winner of the Hemingway Foundation/PEN Award,
author of A Long, Long Time Ago and Essentially True

“This is a rare thing–a glorious novel that’s both gripping and heartwarming.”

~Judith Allnat, author of The Silk Factory

“In Among the Lesser Gods, Margo Catts offers us a tale as deep and dark and full of hope as the mines of Leadville.

~Tiffany Quay Tyson, author of Three Rivers

“Drenched in lyrical language and blade’s-edge observation, with a heartbreaking secret at its core, Among the Lesser Gods is an essential American love story for our nomadic, unrooted times.”

~Carrie La Seur, author of The Home Place

“This is a heartfelt book that will break your heart at times, and at others fill you with joy.”
~Daniel Robinson, author of After the Fire

Among the Lesser Gods is available now from the booksellers at the right, at your independent bookstore, or at your local library. Please request if you can’t find it!


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