Home Is Where Your Stuff Is

I had a terrible time getting to sleep last night. And it wasn't jet lag. No, it was more like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b95oyhSd5ls And what, pray, could make me that excited? I'm HOME. And by that I don't mean my home-home. That's where I'd just been. No, I was in my now-home. I've been away for … Continue reading Home Is Where Your Stuff Is

Saudi News Notes: The Twitter Tease

You know how doctors are figuring out how to use your own genetic material in therapies that target your specific ailment? Or horror movies where some weird power taps into your psyche to design the ultimate adversary for you? Here's my weakness: I have a hard time letting great stuff disappear into the ether. Check … Continue reading Saudi News Notes: The Twitter Tease

Camel Kisses

A friend recently posted this on his college daughter's Facebook timeline: I know, right? It's DARLING. I couldn't resist chiming in: They don't actually start out like that, either. That was a picture of an alpaca. Camels start out more like this: Still cute, but not a face that's going to take over Facebook. Being … Continue reading Camel Kisses