Of Head Cases and Head Scarves

So there's this: It's a headscarf, commonly called the hijab here in Saudi Arabia. There are a lot of different ways to wear it, and wearing it well requires more effort than I've ever invested. I know, right? Pretty stunning. (Headband not required--this is just one of bazillion YouTube tutorials.) And as Europe and the … Continue reading Of Head Cases and Head Scarves

Modest Is…Oh, Come On

There can be mixed messages in Saudi Arabia about what is and isn't appropriate: That shot comes from my TV, where we're watching a show through our local satellite provider called "Wine-Quest," and yes, those are Arabic subtitles. In a country where alcohol is illegal. So illegal, in fact, that you can get a hefty … Continue reading Modest Is…Oh, Come On

Funny to You, Maybe

Every culture has its own taste in comedy. This may have come from an American movie, but Americans have never cared much for it. Instead, the French find Jerry Lewis HILARIOUS. A comedic genius! Americans are baffled. As they are at Japanese game shows: Lest you think I imagine Americans are above it all, let's … Continue reading Funny to You, Maybe