I Am a Racist

"That other really racist guy" is not the standard to measure ourselves by.

Destination Unknown

What you get from the journey depends on how you see it.

Fightin’ Words

The first rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club. The second rule of fight club is you do not talk about fight club. Uh...sorry. Gonna break the rule. Guys! Over here! Fight club at The Bachelorette mansion! Or, at least those were the only parts of the most recent episode I … Continue reading Fightin’ Words

Being Catty: The Right Reasons

Nobody takes action for no reason. The reason might be awful, but it’s still a reason ("I’m mugging you because I want your money"). Or it might be unconscious ("I can't explain why I'm yelling!") but it’s there. So when the reason for a person’s actions aren’t immediately apparent, we take note, and if the … Continue reading Being Catty: The Right Reasons

Being Catty: Rachel’s Red Flag Roundup

Confession: I have a dark history with the international embarrassment known as American reality TV. And I’m owning it. Leaning in, so to speak. So for those who followed years ago, Being Catty, my Bachelor/Bachelorette blog, is back from its long nap. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about...Guys: The Bachelorette starts this … Continue reading Being Catty: Rachel’s Red Flag Roundup

20 Steps to Perfection

We’ve all met them—the people who, on hearing that you’re a writer, say, “I’ve thought of writing a book, too!” They’re adorable. Precious. But you can tell that they (like most people) have no clue what happens between “I have an idea” and “Come buy my book.” Even to active writers, the process can be … Continue reading 20 Steps to Perfection

S Is for Stranger

Teaching English and looking for common language with Eritrean refugees. This is a picture of my Saturday morning this week. Because it’s not what you know but whom you know, I suddenly find myself teaching English to refugees. I have no qualifications, no experience, no expertise, but I do have a friend who has all those things. … Continue reading S Is for Stranger

Social Media Etiquette in One Handy Chart!

With this handy etiquette chart, you can be active on social media and STILL HAVE FRIENDS at the end of the presidential election season! A couple of years ago, I was in Istanbul the day before mayoral elections that were being watched as a bellweather for upcoming national elections. I don’t speak Turkish. I couldn’t properly … Continue reading Social Media Etiquette in One Handy Chart!

My Adopted Home Is Bleeding and You Need To Understand Why

This post was written by one of my fellow-authors in Once Upon an Expat. Margie is an American woman married to a Turkish man, watching the horrors there unfold in a way the rest of us need to understand. It’s short (a skill that seems to escape me), and it’s important. Please read.

Laughter Is Better Than Prozac

I woke up this morning with a broken heart again and I’m tired of it. I’m too old for this crap. People of Earth, I’m tried of citizens acting like a bunch of unruly toddlers, (And God knows I’m clear on the behaviors of unruly toddlers- even unruly toddlers with anesthesia hang-overs this week). This world is in desperate need of a swift kick in the ass and a good grounding with no electronics for at least a month. I mean, people WTF?

My mature response to the world’s current state is a burning desirer to jump on my bicycle and ride far, far away with my handlebar streamers flowing in the wind and my banana seat cutting into my thigh-chub. But as adulthood took away my damn banana seat and replaced my handlebar basket with a fat kid in a bike trailer behind me, riding off into the sunset…

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The Places We Meet

I find myself, at the moment, more of a foreign girl at home than I’ve been in plenty of places where I couldn’t speak a word of the language. My country is baffling me. In the wake of yet more police shootings of black men, peaceful protests were being staged in Dallas--a city where reports … Continue reading The Places We Meet