Modest Is…Oh, Come On

There can be mixed messages in Saudi Arabia about what is and isn't appropriate: That shot comes from my TV, where we're watching a show through our local satellite provider called "Wine-Quest," and yes, those are Arabic subtitles. In a country where alcohol is illegal. So illegal, in fact, that you can get a hefty … Continue reading Modest Is…Oh, Come On

Desert Duds: A Primer on Saudi Dress

In the U.S., the stock phrase trotted out anytime you need to remind people that deep down, kings and criminals and dishwashers and billionaires are really all just the same, is "We all put our pants on one leg at a time." Oops. Kinda hard to sell the idea that it's a small, small world … Continue reading Desert Duds: A Primer on Saudi Dress

Voyage and a Joyous Residence

My introduction to life in the Middle East was a reunion vacation in laissez-faire Doha, Qatar. Men and women move about freely, traffic is orderly, and dress is expected to be modest but you see about everything. For a taste of the range, here's a man in a thobe beside an ice rink at the … Continue reading Voyage and a Joyous Residence